Celebrating America

10:40 AM / Posted by Andy /

When you think of America, the one that we actually live in an not the one that cable-news people talk about 24-7, there may be nothing more quintessentially American than getting in the car and driving incredibly long distances for for the singular purpose of seeing the enormous country in which we live. (Call Guinness and see if that's the longest sentence ever blogged.)

RoadsideAmerica.com is an exhaustive collection of the strange and interesting things you might find on your next summer drive. Check out your town to see what you might have missed. If you searched Springfield, IL you'll read about the time Lauterbach man lost his head in a tornado (uncomfortably close to my house), our 30-foot axe-wielding Lincoln, the inspirational story of Roy Bertelli (Mr. Accordion), and Santa Ana's leg (if you're a "King of the Hill" fan, it is not in the Arlen Museum but safely here in Springfield thanks to Illinois 4th Infantry.)



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