Urban Screen

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There's little to say about these videos other than WOW!.  If you look quickly, you may miss how cool this work truly is.  It's not simply projecting images on buildings.  They mapped the architectural features of the building so that the projections interact with the building.  Windows cast shadows that don't really exist and the stones and windows of the building rise and fall like giant Jenga pieces.  My favorites are 555 Kubik and Kreisrot.


Friday Fun - Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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Looking for a good movie to watch tonight?  This preview is approved for all audience tastes.


Quick Internet overview

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I love internet aggregators- they let me scan the popular sites and stories on the internet with a minimum of effort. One that I have found that is pretty darn good- and customizable- is www.popurls.com . Saves me lots of time. Covers Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, popular blogs and news feeds. Without this site- I might not have found this kitty pic...

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Be the Candy Man.

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Did you ever wish that someone made a dark chocolate bar with blueberries, multicolored peppercorns, wasabi peanuts, gummi bears and real gold flakes? Okay, well, that's a bad example but if you really had a hankering for that candy bar, you could create it at Chocri.

You pick a base- white chocolate, 32% cacao milk chocolate, 64% cacao dark chocolate, or a white/milk chocolate combo - and then add as many as five additions. You can pick dried fruits. You can pick spices from obvious options of cinnamon and vanilla to the less obvious chives and caraway seeds. You can pick any kind of nut you might want including the wasabi peanuts and something call Volcano Cashews! There are various candies and decorations. And finally they have "grains" which includes all sorts of GREAT options like bacon, cereal, coffee beans, pretzels and cacao nibs.

Okay, they aren't cheap but it might be an surprising gift or even a fund-raising idea. Plus, if you buy five, you get one free.


Friday Fun - Pixels

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A socially acceptable way to get loaded.

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How many hours of your life have you wasted waiting for webpages to load? Have you cursed your computer monitor waiting for those preloaders to reach 100%? Well, if you like to wait and curse, this website will make you very happy.



Fascinating and fun to watch

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